Vamsi Labs Ltd., an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 company, is one of the major manufacturers of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API's) in India. The factory is located in the industrial area of Solapur, Maharashtra, India. Anti-asthmatic (respiratory), Anti-Migraine and Anti-Psychotic API's are the main products. Today 60% of the sales are from antiasthma products. Vamsi Labs Ltd. has become a popular name for API's in India and abroad in the last 25 years of existence. We are well known for our antiasthma APIs all over the world.

The Management

Vamsi Labs is one of the fast growing pharmaceutical companies, professionally managed by a team of qualified technocrats. Total quality management is implemented to give its esteemed customers outstanding products and services. We consider the human resources as our biggest asset. We believe in win-win situations, customer happiness and quality of the products.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to comply with all applicable environmental laws and /or regulations. We shall strive to improve environmental quality by minimizing waste and emissions.

For this we will reuse, reduce and recycle to save natural resources, and to promote pollution prevention efforts throughout the facility.

Safety, Environment and Health

The company takes the safety as a top priority. PPE is provided to all the employees and the safety personnel ensure that they are properly used by the employees. This is a key section in our industry. National safety week is celebrated. Workers are trained in firefighting by conducting mock drills and first aid is taught to many workers. National Environment day is observed and tree plantation is done every year. Yearly health check-ups are carried out to all the employees and health card is given to each one with the health data.

Pollution control is done very effectively by recovering, recycling and distilling mother-liquors, avoiding un-necessary washings, reducing consumption of fresh water, reducing the generation of wastewater, etc. All this is possible due to in-house research and innovation. We have an Effluent Treatment plant where the high COD process effluent treated. The low COD effluent is also collected and treated properly and used for gardening, part is recycled in cooling towers and rest will be sent to Common effluent treatment plant for disposal. The company is very particular about the conservation of environment.

Vision of the Company

We want to be the biggest integrated antiasthma company in the world. In the next two years 90% of the sales of the company should be from antiasthma products only. Our R&D work, resources and other efforts should go towards this goal.

Quality Policy

"Manufacturing products of international quality standards, customer satisfaction, lowest cost and eco-friendly environment are the core tasks of our business. We achieve this by adopting world-class quality management systems and continuous up gradation of technology and skills of our employees."